Shop Pre-Owned and Restored Steinways In Michigan

Certified 12,116 Parts

All of our Restored STEINWAYS are complete with 12,116 Steinway Parts

Pre-Owned Steinway Pianos in MI

PianoNation carries newly restored Steinway pianos & pre-owned Steinways including art case Steinways, limited editions & more.

We provide the lowest pricing on every pre-owned or restored Steinway we sell guaranteeing you the best price. All of our pianos are RPT certified and meet the highest standards.

We will provide you with one of the largest selections of pre-owned Steinway pianos, local & nationwide.


Pre-Owned Steinway Pianos Have Been Inspected and Evaluated by Certified Piano Technicians  and Are Available at PianoNation in Milford Michigan.


Restored Steinways are Available at PianoNation in Milford Michigan. We Supply Vintage Restored Steinways to Local and Nationwide Customers.

Vintage Heirloom Steinways

PianoNation has a large variety of vintage restored heirloom model Steinways including centennial and rare anniversary models. Call today for availabilty on these unique one-of-a-kind pianos.

Restored & Pre-Owned Steinways

Handcrafted, Enduring,  Timeless

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