The VGP4000Q  comes with a song library already built in and you can add the QRS PNO3 upgrade to open thousands of sons in the QRS Music Library giving you unlimited possibilities. Complete with moving keys and unparalleled entertainment. This 4’8″ Dynatone in Ebony Polish or White Polish has 88 real wood moving keys with three sensor action, player piano system, three pedals, and 2-Way 6 Speakers. Visit one of our retail centers to play, hear, and watch the Dynatone VGP4000Q.



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Ebony Polish or White Polish

Tech Specs

3000+ Songs Plus QRS-III Ready for Unlimited Expansion
88 Real Hammer Action wooden keyboards with 3 sensors (RHA-3W)
256 Polyphony Notes
ROS V.5 Plus
EXV 10 + GM128 Voices
80 Auto-Accompaniment Rhythm Styles
128 X 64 LCD Display
Player Piano System : AMD, SMF File Format Compatible
Record : 2 Track 3 Song • 16 Registrations (4 bank x 4)
HD Reverb, HD Effect
Layer • Split • Twin Piano • 4-Band Graphic Equalizer • Master Tune
Key Transpose
3 Pedals (Soft/ Sostenuto/ Damper) with half-damper
Power Output : 50W+50W (2-Way 6 Speakers)
MP3 Music Player • Smart Bay
3-Year Limited Warranty


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