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A Biedermeier style, 1926, Steinway Model M grand piano with a french polished, mahogany case, stringing inlay and five baluster legs. The piano has high cheeks with a folding lid with the appearance of a square piano from a front view. Design based on the first piano made by Heinrich Steinweg in 1836.

Features: 13 Ply laminated hard rock maple rim ~ 3 Solid spruce beams ~ Hexagrip 7 ply laminated pinblock ~ Tapered solid quarter sawn spruce soundboard ~ Sugar pine ribs ~ Agraffe double duplex design ~ Nickel plated blued tuning pins ~ Steinway hammers ~ Hard rock maple moldings and shanks ~ Maple action parts ~ European spruce keys individually balanced and weighted ~ Spruce plank keybed ~ Solid brass hardware ~ Birch cabinet

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5'7" Grand Piano


Steinway Model M


Steinway & Sons




Mahogany Satin


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