The SLP-250H carries a surprisingly powerful sound while keeping a minimal size making it a perfect piano for home. 23 selected voices are included, and string and damper resonance is implemented to bring the sound closer to the original.


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Ebony Polish or White Polish

Tech Specs

Model Name SLP-250H
Keyboard ARHA-I
Ivory Top
Polyphony Note Max. 256
Sound Preset Sound EXV 10 + 23
* Source ROS V.4 Plus
Multi Layered Sound 3 Pianos
Total Bank Memory Size 1G bit
Piano Effect Full Scale String Resonance Sound Yes (Fixed)
Damper Resonance Digital Effect Yes (Fixed)
Music Classical Music 50 Music (Internal)
Educational Music Beyer 106
Czerny 100-30-40
Burgmuller 25
Sonatine – with Left & Right hand practice function
DSP Reverb Reverb
Pedal 3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
Support Half Damper Pedal
USB connection MIDI Interface Yes
Audio Interface Yes (48KHz 24bit)
Compatibility USB 2.0
PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
Record 1 Track X 1 Song
Function Layer Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Split Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Twin Piano Yes
Master Tune Yes
Master Key- Transpose Yes
Touch Yes
Metronome Yes
Terminal USB to Host USB Type B
Stereo Audio Out 3.5mm Stereo
Stereo Audio In (MP3 in) 3.5mm Stereo
Pedal In In
Output 15W + 15W
(2-Way 4 Speakers)
Dimension (W x L x H) 1380 x 415 x 835 mm


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