Schimmel K230 | Konzert Series

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Konzert grand piano action
Enlarged soundboard
The ideal soundboard wood – exclusive to Schimmel
Full size concert grand piano scale
Triplex Scale
Key tops made of mineral material and ebony wood
Most played German piano
Dynamic bar
Mass reduced bridge
Adjustable gliders
Most highly awarded


The K230 has received rave reviews from a number of music critics. Mathieu Papadiamandis from Le Monde de la Musique, reviewed the K230 Tradition and stated,
“The overall tone of the instrument is rich and extremely well-balanced. All tonal registers are convincing in their individual characteristics: the treble range is clear and brilliant with ho hint of aggressiveness. The medium range displays a wide palette of tonal colour which opens natural melodic possibilities. The bass range has a pleasant and open tonal colour with excellent power reserves. The action is faultless. Despite the somewhat light touch which enables a good tonal control, the repetition is excellent. The tonal power of this model must also be highlighted. The extraordinary width of its soundboard doubtlessly plays a prominent role here.”

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7'7" Grand Piano


Ebony Polish