Piano Tuning

Expert Piano Tuning & Technicial Service by our on Staff Piano Technicians.

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Piano Tuning

Piano tuning service availalbe by our on staff piano technicians. We service all of Oakalnd County, Washentaw County, and surrouding regions. Call to make an appointment today.

Pitch Raise

Has your piano not been tuned for an extended period of time? Bring your piano back to pitch for standard A440 tuning. Call 260-227-5397 for more info.

Technical Service

Our on staff piano technicans can help service your piano. Services include voicing, regulation, restoration, appraisal, cleaning, and all aspects of tuning.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I tune my piano?
Piano manufactures recommend tuning a piano every six months or more often depending on use and demand. Pianos that are tuned often require very little change in over-all tension of the piano. This one fact helps produce solid and stable tunings, and will help prevent the pitch from dropping.
How long does a piano tuning appointment take?

On average it takes 45 minutes-1 hour to tune a piano. Pitch correction and repairs will add more time.

Can you tune at pitches other than A440?

Standard tuning is A440. We can tune to any pitch if desired by the client. 

Does moving throw a piano out of tune?

Physically moving a piano has a small impact on the tuning stability but more importantly the change in enviroment that talkes place during a move will impact its tuning. The difference between the temperature and humidity level of both enviroments will cause a piano to go out of tune. It is highly recommended that a piano be tuned 2 weeks- 1 month after a move to allow the piano to stabilize in its new enviroment.

What the best time of year to tune a piano?
Piano tuning is a maintenace program that helps stabilize the instrument. It should be done routinely every 6 months. In that way, there is no wrong time or season to tune. If the enviroment where the piano is kept is stable then the seasonal changes will have zero to a minimal impact. The best way to keep your enviroment stable is by humidifying during the cold winter months. For more info call us today.

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