In this brief article I’ll take a look at one of the most completes divi plugins that i found searching the web and we will see what it can do and how easy it is to use. I am talking about Divi Enhancer

Available function of this addon:

  • Animated Links Module
  • Sticky Modules Option
  • Caption Option
  • Carousel Module
  • Hover Effects Option
  • Flip Box Module
  • Food Menu Module
  • iHover Module
  • Timeline Module
  • Team Member Module

What you get

  • Food Menu Module: Food Menu Module for Divi was created to display products or services ar reaturant websites. Is not limited to this function, you can use it to display any kind of profuct. Includes different premade styles.
  • Caption Option: With Caption option you can add indication or messages to modules that will only will displayed when user pass mouse over the module. Very useful to modules like contact form or images.
  • iHover Module: Simple module to alternate between text and images with smooth css animatios.
  • Animated Links Module: Animated links is a module for Divi that lets you add prestyled links with smooth animation on mouse hover.
  • Team Member Module: With Team Member module for Divi you can add members in a better way. Display member name, position, description, choose between the popular social networks and also pick some of the different premade styles and animations included.
  • Hover Effects Options: With hover effects you can enhance each module and highlight from the rest. Easy to use, pretty and smooth.
  • Carousel Module: Why only display static content? People always seems to be atracted to movement. Divi enhancer includes a very customizable carousel that uses the editor to display content, so you can add text, images, shortcodes and many other things. A must have module.
  • Sticky Modules Option: This new option lets you keep modules attached at window top when users scrolls the page. Works with all DIVI default modules and Divi Enhancer custom modules. Very useful for modules like login or search.
  • Timeline Module: A simple, easy to use and neccesary timeline module for Divi.
  • Flip Box Module: A module for Divi to alternate content between front and back.

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